Our Story

In March of 2020, the special events industry imploded under the weight of COVID-19. As we looked around, our new reality became painfully clear. It would be many months, if not years, before our industry returned to anything resembling normal.

With working from home and digital meetings the new norm, we asked ourselves, “How can we continue to provide exceptional experiences even when our customers are not able to meet face-to-face?”

The answer became clear – “If they can’t come to us, we’ll take the experience to them!”

By combining our team’s events industry know-how plus our love of designing beautiful things, Ultimate Kits was born. A Dallas-based woman-owned business, part of our mission is partnering with Texas-made and local businesses that are producing unique high-quality products. Be sure to ask us about some of our hometown favorites!

Standing Ovations

“During the lockdown, I’ve been hosting a weekly Zoom lunch & learn to touch base with my homebound clients. To support my efforts, I asked Ultimate Kits to develop a custom virtual meeting kit to give everyone the feeling of being in the back room of a focus group. And it turned out fantastic! I needed to have specific products included, and the Ultimate Kits team was flexible and patient with me as we worked it all out. My group was so excited when we all opened our boxes together on our Zoom call and shared the contents. They enjoyed their goodies, and they used their “thumbs up” paddles to show me the love. It was super fun for our clients, and it was easy to get it done with Ultimate Kits!”

Chris Hauck, President, Hauckeye

“The feedback on these has been amazing!! Everyone loved them. So thank you for making me look good!!!

Shipping was fast, everything was packaged beautifully. The attention to small details such as adding a logo/message sticker to the outside of the box elevates this above the standard “brown box” delivery. It really brought the staff together virtually and we had a blast with the paddles!

Thank you again, we will be repeat customers!”

Becky Bogle, New Profit

“Ultimate Kits was an Awesome company to work with. Their professionalism and customer service were exceptional! The kits arrived several days early and the presentation was outstanding! The Virtual Meeting Kit was a hit with all our employees. We are a “remote company” but enjoy getting our team together quarterly in person to strategize. Since we daily meet remotely, we were looking for a way to engage everyone during this meeting.  The Virtual Meeting Kit did the trick!  Everyone loved playing bingo, holding up their conversation paddles and of course the yummy treats! Thank you, Ultimate Kits for your “out of the box” idea. It was a hit with freshbenies.”

Janet Hilton, Sr. Project Manager, Freshbenies
“Our team LOVED the kits!! She said everything was a hit, and they just couldn’t have imagined we would pull something off so fun! High-Fives All Around!! We couldn’t have done it without you and your amazing team…thank you so much!!”
Gena Fletcher, Executive Assistant, GPS Dairy

“Oh my goodness!  I can’t type fast enough.  I received my virtual meeting kit in the mail and brought it to work. Yesterday, was my first day back to the office.  I was thrilled to use my box, especially the signs in my virtual meetings given this involved showing others.  What a great pattern interrupt.  This is fantastic and of course my team was extremely jealous of all my tools as I kept the fun alive and the laughter flowing.”

Jennifer Prichard, Vice President of Events, Member Programs, Vistage Worldwide

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