How Associations Nurture Connections & Add Value (THSADA Case Study)

March 14, 2021

When Covid-19 took in-person events off the table, association meeting planners were not only challenged to transition to virtual events, but they also had to find unique ways to keep their sponsors and virtual attendees engaged and confident that the value of the event remained intact.

One such planner turned to Ultimate Kits to help her design, build, and ship VIP kits for the Texas High School Athletic Directors Virtual Conference (THSADA) that took place in December of 2020. Together, we collaborated to build kits that were meaningful for the virtual guests, the sponsors, and the association. Items in the kit included a customized insulated coffee mug, mouse pad, computer security cover, a cell phone stand, popcorn, and a comprehensive resource guide created by the client.

This partnership allowed the association to provide exposure to sponsors and exhibitors so they maintained the value of their financial investment even though they didn’t have face time with the attendees. It also allowed the Association to put their brand front & center on their members’ desks!

In the month following the conference, VIP kits were mailed to the 600 THSADA virtual attendees who were “blown away”. Many attendees showed their excitement on social media. Attendees tweeted “Big thanks to our @OfficialTHSADA leadership team and sponsors. What a great way to extend the exhibit hall and give everyone a nice surprise. Thanks!”

Sending the kits out as a follow-up to the conference, versus prior to the virtual conference proved just as effective, provided a second touch point and took the pressure off the Association to plan the virtual conference AND get the kits out at the same time.

Let Ultimate Kits help you bring excitement to your next virtual conference – before, during or after! Our team is ready to help you customize your kits with company colors, logo’d swag, messaging, and an assortment of hand-selected items. Contact us today to get started!

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