Virtual Conversation Paddles™

Double-Sided Virtual Conversation Paddles™ (Set of 3)

Say it with a paddle! Built to last, these sturdy double-sided conversation paddles allow you to easily communicate virtually with call participants, without “stepping” on anyone. Package includes dry erase marker.


  • “Love It!” on front /Blank Dry Erase on back
  • “You Rock” on front / “I Agree” on back
  • Thumbs Up symbol on front /Thumbs Down symbol on back
  • Black dry erase marker

Price: $23.85 plus shipping
Minimum order of 60 paddles (20 sets of 3 paddles) required.


Custom Virtual Conversation Paddles™

Custom paddles are available in any shape, size, or color and words can be printed in any style of font to truly customize your team’s experience. The possibilities are endless!

Ideas include:

  • Company logo
  • Common industry phrase
  • Emojis like clapping hands, laughing face, raised hand
  • Applause cue
  • Question mark
  • Blank/dry erase
  • Hashtags
  • “You’re on Mute”
  • Yes or No
  • Stop Sign
  • “Great Idea!”


  • $7.95 per paddle
  • $15.90 set of 2 paddles
  • $23.85 set of 3 paddles 

Minimum order of 60 paddles required for custom orders.
Does not include shipping.

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