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August 7, 2020

Let’s face it, video calls are here to stay. They have certainly proved to be convenient during the pandemic when everyone’s homes became their office, business travel slowed to a screeching halt, and meetings and conferences were cancelled. However, as convenient video calls may be, it is not the same as sitting there face-to-face with someone when you can read their body language and really engage.

During the first few weeks of March, we found ourselves drowning in video calls – webinars, team meetings, client meetings, conferences, board chats, trainings, etc. So many times, we wanted to chime in and say something, but we could not find the right moment, or we thought we had the right moment and then quickly realized we just made the situation totally awkward. Meanwhile, every “Video Call Expert” speaks to the importance of engaging with participants during the video call. As seasoned Meeting and Event Planners (our sister event planning company is Ultimate Ventures), we began asking ourselves, how we could help our clients engage with their participants during their Video Conference like we would at a live conference?

What about creating a sign that video participants could hold up while they are on the call to easily express themselves without stepping on anyone’s toes?

We shared the idea with one of our décor partners, and they went to work to create a prototype. The final design is built to last through countless video calls and looks picture perfect for professional calls and photos, too. We even designed a blank paddle with a dry erase board feature that enables the video participant to write their own message.

The Virtual Meeting Conversation Paddles are included in our Virtual Meeting Kits or as a set of 3.

For custom orders of 60 paddles or more, we can customize the paddles with our client’s or a sponsor’s logo, custom phrases, or even the shape of the paddle. For example:

  • In light of the announcement of the cancellation of our State Fair in Texas, we put together a State Fair kit that includes Texas-shaped paddles and a corny dog handle.
  • We have also designed Virtual Communication paddles for teachers and students to interact more effectively.

Virtual doesn’t have to mean, mundane and dry! Add some fun and meaningful opportunities for connections by including Conversation Paddles in your next Virtual program.

We have also designed Virtual Communication paddles for teachers and students to interact more effectively. Click here to learn more.

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